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A journey into the artist's mind

My name is Hamutal Benjo and I am an artist and a designer; I create in clay.

Design is my way of expressing myself without words, of dreaming and realizing my dreams.

Art is a drive, a need. It is the pure pleasure that fills my life.

I weave worlds and combine materials that are not naturally related, in a long and slow process of creativity entailing an inner dialogue between the possible and the impossible, the prohibited and the permitted, to create something different, unusual.This is a collection of unique pieces, each of them an artistic journey into

the depth of my soul, into my yearnings.

In the process, my attention to every detail is apparent, as is my insistence on a perfect finish, even in the less visible parts of the work.

Every detail I form with a passion to intrigue, surprise, and thrill myself and the spectator.

I invite you to take a look at my Collections and savor the unique beauty of each and every item.

I invite you to read about the Collections, their essence, my challenges as an artist and a creator, and about the substance and the spirit of my work.

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