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Featured Collections

During the creative process,

I am carried away by working in the clay, going from the primary, raw state to unique and complex formation. My yearning, longing, my passion and exhilaration lead me to test the boundaries of the raw materials and create these diverse collections.

Each collection has its own particular identity, but there is always a dialogue between them.

Each article offers the observeran illusory

illusory experience, which arouses a wish to investigate and decipher the work and that which is hidden in it. Sometimes the whole and its parts create the illusion.

Sometimes the work is about the illusion of a cracked surface versus its strength.

Sometimes it is the illusion of clay pretending to be iron, rough jute or delicate lace.

The clay used is generally in shades of white, grey and black, and from time to time a delicate palette is incorporated or other natural materials such as embroidery and macramé thread, textile or knitting which are integrated into the work.

The designs combine clean modern lines and unusual textures, all uniquely devised by


We all have a yearning for the past, for authenticity, simplicity, the wish to distance ourselves for a few hours from cold technology, to connect with something warm, cozy, relaxing and comforting.

My work offers those feelings, arousing a pleasant memory, a feeling of acceptance, originality and a response to the longing; nostalgia for things of the past.

Once in a while I complete the collection and go onto the next one, to transform the clay into something different, a current new challenge which awakens through an artistic journey into the depths of the soul and the yearning.






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