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About the studio

The studio is intended for designers, architects, curators, art collectors and private clients who are looking for unique artwork for homes, clinics, stores, restaurants and offices.

Every article is one of a kind, signed and numbered. Each of the items is of excellent quality and is finished with extraordinary care.

The items are perfect for complementing and enriching the design of homes, clinics, lobbies of luxury towers, restaurants, galleries and stores etc. I am always in the process of innovating, diversifying, updating; the world provides so much inspiration and I ensure that this is expressed in my creations. Artwork from the art collections can be purchased for styling photography purposes It is also

possible to order custom made articles. My

creations are sold around the world and responses are enthusiastic. Knowing that a part of me thrills someone, somewhere, is the drive that motivates me to keep creating.

The studio was established to fulfill a personal need. I moved to a new house and was looking for light fixtures made of natural materials. Since I couldn’t find any I liked, I decided to make them myself. I enjoyed it immensely and enthusiastic friends encouraged me to continue creating them and selling them in my studio and in stores around the country and abroad. Every light fixture is unique and one of a kind, they are produced in limited edition which guarantees that the same light fixture will never be found in another place. The light fixtures are not sold in stores, and can only


be bought directly from me. The light fixtures are like wall-art that can neither be ignored, nor forgotten. Thanks to the bold design and the integration of unusual materials, the light creates changing pictures of illumination and shadows on the wall and ceilings, arousing new interest every time. The design of the light fixtures impacts the entire design and enriches the surroundings. In a world of cold technology, these natural light fixtures add a warm and welcoming feel to any home. They are at once a work of art and a useful article, adapted as required to the space or the client. I correlate between the customer and the most suitable creation, listen to the client’s wishes and realize the personal dream of lighting that each person has.

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