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Playing with fabric

After the first Attached collection, I felt secure and complete. I believed in myself and my abilities. I knew that my dreams and imagination could be realized.

I started out in this serene state, creating articles with very fine, delicate and romantic,almost invisible textures, transmitting a feeling of softness, like the gentle caress and feel of silk. They appeared to beckon to the observer to touch the softness.

At the same time, I chose to work with course, industrial, urban, ethnic and rough textures, reminiscent of natural jute sacks of coffee, corduroy fabric like the trousers I wore in the past, my grandmother’s upholstery fabric, tweed, like the waistcoat I remember, longing for its warmth. This collection expresses the connection between the world of textile and my love for the texture of fabrics that has always been part of my life over the years.

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