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Black Coarse Weave

Black Coarse Weave

A hanging light fixture made of five sections of black clay textured to resemble coarse weave stitched with natural thread.


Height: 24cm/9.4in  |  Diameter: 21cm/8.3in  |  Weight: 1200g/2.6lb 

SKU: 30067
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    Each item is one of a kind, signed, hand crafted using a variety of technique in our studio. Due to the nature of one of a kind, hand-built ceramics, measurements vary and sizes are approximate, and there will be slight variations and imperfections. 
    Each product is treated separately.


    Every piece is hand sculpted, slightly variations can be between your item and the item photographed at the listing.


    My products are fired to a high temperature (1220c/2228f) it makes it very strong.

    Be sure to check out our shop policies, before making your purchase. Thanks!



    The product can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, compressed air

    (like what is used to clean a computer keyboard) feather brush or soft dry cloth.

    Do not use abrasives, or chemical cleaners.

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